"brainstorm" meeting on the type of computations performed by dendrites
11-12 Dec 2014 Paris (France)


"Dentritic Computations" is a meeting organized by Alain Destexhe and Idan Segev.

It is expected to be a "brainstorm" meeting on the type of computations performed by dendrites, compared to single-compartment neurons.

The question is to discuss what type of dendritic computation cannot be reproduced by a single-compartment neuron.

List of speakers:

- Jugoslava Acimovic, Tampere U, "The effect of neuron morphology on graph theoretic measures of network connectivity"
- Thierry Bal, CNRS UNIC, "Imagining dentrites using intracellular voltage-sensitive dyes"
- Romain Cazé, Imperial College, "Synaptic clustering or scattering? A model of synaptic plasticity in dentrites"
- Alain Destexhe, CNRS UNIC & EITN, "The generalized cable"
- David Di Gregorio, Institut Pasteur, "Dendritic computations by thin dendrites of cerebellar interneurons"
- Simon Friedmann, U. Heidelberg, "Multi-compartment neuron models in neuromorphic hardware"
- Mathieu Galtier, EITN-DREEM, "A theoretical approach for active dendrites in vivo"
- Mike Hausser, UCL, "Dendritic computation and plasticity"
- Szabolcs Kali, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, "Systematic simplification of compartmental neuronal models based on  electrotonic structure »
- Matthew Larkum, U. Berlin, « Dendritic computation and NMDA receptors »
- Eilif Muller, EPFL, "Large-scale biophysical models of neocortical tissue: Role of dendrites"
- Idan Segev, Hebrew U., "Modelling human cortical cells"
- Walter Senn, U. Bern, "Synaptic plasticity on dendrites: the advantage of dendrites for learning"

Poster presentations:

- Francesca Barbieri, CNRS UNIC, "Modeling the magnetic field generated by complex dendritic morphologies"
- Christian Pozzorini , EPFL, "Spike-timing prediction in cortical neurons responding to somatic and dendritic current injections »
- Yann Zerlaut, CNRS UNIC, "Impact of dendritic structure and properties on the dynamics of recurrent networks: a mean-field approach"


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